Make a Deposit at Classic and get rakeback

For many years Classic Poker has been providing a solid selection on online poker. Classic Poker is currently part of the big Boss Media network and you are always guaranteed the best treatments and plenty of competitive promotions to rival all other poker rooms.

As a new customer of Classic Poker, you can take advantage of the many exciting tournaments, cash games and sit and go tournaments which run round the clock. Additionally the customer service will have a quick response to any query you may have as customer service is available 24 hours a day.

Not only will new customers get great customer service, amazing promotions but they will also get free access to a huge €1,000 freeroll tournament exclusively for new customers. All you have to do to take part in this brilliant freeroll is make a first deposit into your Classic Poker account – it is that simple. Finally you must manually register for the tournament which is played every Saturday at 19:00 hours GMT.

Bonus and rakeback

Furthermore when you create your Classic Poker account you can also get a sign up bonus of a 200% return, up to €1,000 dependent on your first deposit. The bonus will be paid in installments of €10 per 200 FPPs earned. Playing through the bonus it is really simple and is equivalent to 20% rakeback. You can clear the bonus at your own pace so you don’t feel tied down or cheated out of any money. The flexible terms of this wonderful bonus suggests that you will not get a better bonus anywhere else online.

The rakeback deal is another 30% so as a new player with Classic you in fact receive an amazingly 50% gross rakeback. Most poker rooms deduct bonusses and admin fees before calculating the rakeback but this is not the case on Classic Poker which makes this offer incredible.

Properly licensed and regulated

Besides being part of Boss Media and regulated in Malta by LGA then Classic Poker use ECASH as their cashier. All funds are properly segregated and trust issues is not anything players need to worry about when it comes to this poker room.

Visit and get your 30% rakeback deal, 200% bonus, access to freeroll and a reliable experienced management team fully on top of their business.

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Play in EUR 10000 Free Tournament at Paradise Poker

Paradise Poker is offering you the chance to play in one of their 6 free poker tournaments where there is €60,000 guaranteed in total prize pool. Win your share off €10,000 at Paradise Poker as a new player.

Update – This promotion has ended but more new great promotions available at Paradise Poker

€10.000 freeroll access to new players

When you become a customer at Paradise Poker you can always expect to get plenty of amazing poker offers. Right now all their new customers have the opportunity to participate in one of their 6 Paradise Poker freerolls where there is a staggering €10,000 in prize money available in each tournament. All that is required of you to ensure that you get a ticket to this great tournament is create your new customer account, make your first deposit and start playing online poker for real money. Once you have played just a single hand for real money, you are automatically qualified to participate in the next €10,000 tournament.

It must however be said that this great tournament is only for new customers who register between the 23th May and the 29th May.  The ‘New Player Freeroll’ takes place every Monday at 17:30 GMT on the following dates:

  • 30th May 2011 – To participate in this upcoming freeroll you must have played your first hand of real money poker by Sunday May 29, 2011.

If you previously created a Paradise Poker you can still take part in this great promotion, as long as you have never made a deposit/transfer into the poker room.

Remember you also get a 30% rakeback deal when you make your first deposit. You don’t need to use a poker bonus code since the whole process is 100% automatic.

Claim your 200% up to €1,000 signup bonus in connection with your first deposit and get 30% rakeback on top.

Create Paradise Poker account here!

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Win a fortune with Bad Beat Jackpot at Mermaid Poker

Would you like an extra reason to play poker at Mermaid Poker? If so why don’t you take part in their Bad Beat Jackpot games? The Bad Beat Jackpot tables give talented No Limit Texas Hold’Em players the opportunity to win big without having to risk a lot.

Bad Beat Jackpot tables are simply a normal poker table. The only difference between a regular table and a bat beat table is that you could win up to €250,000 by getting a truly bad beat. Playing at a Bad Beat table may be your path to wealth and success if you are unlucky (or lucky) enough to lose a hand with 4 of a kind tens or better.

Currently €200.000 to the loser!

If you should accomplish this feat, then the overall jackpot will be paid out to you and the rest of the players at your table. In fact, you do not even need to win or lose in the bad beat hand to win a prize; you only need to be dealt into the hand at the table where it was played. All active players at the table where the hand was dealt will get a piece of the prize.

The jackpot is currently (May 22, 2011) sitting at €575,000 and all you need to do to win a chunk of this great cash prize is to lose a hand of poker with at least 4 10s or higher. If you lose with 4 the same of better value or a straight flush the jackpot will also be paid out. The loser of the hand will currently take home an astonishing €200.000 and the winner will be awarded €100.000. The rest of the players at the table will share another €100.000.

These great Bad Beat Jackpot tables are your chance to win big by losing a hand in online poker. You will find the exciting Bad Beat tables in the lobby and they will have a logo indicating it is a Bad Beat table so that you can ensure you are playing at the right place.

Mermaid rakeback and bonus offer

Win a fortune with Mermaid Poker today and get further bonus of up to € 1,000 as a sign-up bonus in connection with your first deposit. Furthermore Mermaid Poker pay their players a generous 30% Mermaid Poker rakeback on top of the initial bonus and the offer to players are incredible.Players who create and account between Monday May 23 and Sunday May 29, 2011 will also be able to access a valuable €10.000 new player freeroll taking place May 30, 2011.

Sign up with Mermaid Poker here!

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Freeroll tournaments for new customers at William Hill Poker

If you have not created an account with William Hill Poker, there are many good reasons to do it right now. As a new player you will be able to partake in a wide range of special offers by signing up and making a deposit.

200% bonus up to €1400

As a bonus you will be greeted with a 200% sign-up bonus that can trigger up to €1400. This bonus is one of the best anywhere, and the playing requirements are incredibly low. This is not the only thing you can look forward to at William Hill Poker though.

New players will in fact also get a whole package of tournament tickets to the exciting freeroll tournaments that run at William Hill Poker. Nothing less than 4 tickets for their $1,000 freeroll tournaments will be awarded to your account and access to a special monthly freeroll only for new players.

Create account

With both bonuses and entire 5 tournament tickets, there has never been a better reason to drop by the British bookmaker. In addition to these offers, William Hill Poker has plenty of exciting tournaments and an insanely great range of cash games 24 hours a day.

Once your new account with William Hill Poker is created, and you have deposited money, you will get credited both your bonus and tournament tickets. In other words, it is an easy and smooth process to receive this great offer.

The total value of these freeroll tournaments are more than $4,000 and the tourneys rarely attracts many players, and normally are extremely high value. Your William Hill Poker Bonus will be paid automatically up to €1400.

Drop by William Hill Poker and get your free bonus today and access the entire 5 freerolls free.

Create a William Hill Poker account!

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Check Out the Great Online Store at Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes Poker has lots of exciting opportunities for new poker players at their fantastic poker site. It can often be difficult to adapt reward programs for loyal players, so that everyone is satisfied, and as a result Ladbrokes Poker has decided to adjust their rewards system for customers to include bonuses, loyalty bonuses and an excellent online store.

Up to $1000 in bonus

All new customers to Ladbrokes Poker can get up to $1000 in sign-up bonus combined with an incredibly attractive loyalty program. In addition you get the big online store, where you can use your points to buy exciting products such as stereos, clothes and much more.

To receive your sign-up bonus at Ladbrokes Poker, all you need to do is create your new account and use the bonus code RIDERS when registering your account. Once this has been done you will receive your bonus after your first deposit has been made, and you have obtained 35,000 player points.

This great bonus will have no effect on your monthly loyalty bonus, which is a 30 % return on your total rake paid during the month. This sign-up bonus marks the first time Ladbrokes Poker has combined the lucrative sign-up bonus with the monthly rakeback deal.

Points can be used in the excellent store

You can also spend your hard earned player points in the online store. The store offers a myriad of exciting products, and there is almost no limit to how much you can buy just from playing online poker at Ladbrokes Poker.

With all these excellent deals at Ladbrokes Poker, it is worth it to become a new customer. Regardless of whether you are into MTT or cash games, Ladbrokes Poker has plenty of things to offer. In addition, Ladbrokes Poker has just launched a new insanely large MTT tournament program, where there is up to €500,000 up for grabs.

Create your Ladbrokes Poker account now!

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FTOPS Full Tilt Poker Final Table Had Danish Participation

FTOPS XIX made its debut last night at the world’s second largest online poker room Full Tilt Poker. The final table in the first poker event of the FTOPS XIX had distinguished visitors in the form of the Danish “Fonsemand”

$1.000.000 was guaranteed

Last night was the first online poker event in the big tournament FTOPS series XIX game where there was a staggering $1 million in the guaranteed prize pool. The tournament had a entry fee of $216 and there were a total of 6607 poker players who had chosen to participate in the battle for the many wonderful prizes.

In the eyes of the Danish the competition went really well as Danish Full Tilt Poker player “Fonsemand” managed to get a nice 3rd place and a prize check of more than 600,000 Danish kroner. At the end of the tournament when there were only 3 men left, the battle was otherwise relatively equal with the following chip counts:

1. Matt Johnson 12,381,000

2. OSUTexan 10,399,000

3. Fonsemand 9,973,000

Unfortunately, it was “Fonsemand” who were to leave the remaining 3 but he could leave with a well-deserved prize check for the entire $ 109,676.20 after over 12 hours of online poker.

Here you can find the premium payments for the final table participants:

1. OSUtexan $ 218,031

2. Matt Johnson $ 149,978.90

3. Fonsemand $ 109,676.20

4. Halunited07 $ 81,926.80

5. ‘Drf1209’ $ 59,463

6. ‘Ghiogghiero’ $ 42,284.80

7. ‘Petit_bourgeois’ $ 28,145.82

8. ‘O mrBuBLeS o’ $ 19,556.72

9. ‘Rakes Ruben’ $ 13,742.56

Fonsemand still unknown

It is not yet known who is hiding behind “Fonsemand” account, but it may be that we get to see much more of him during FTOPS XIX. He and everyone else has at least 44 more chances to win a coveted FTOPS titles, since there are 45 FTOPS events on the program at Full Tilt Poker. There are lots of different events with different deposits, but also different poker variants. It will therefore be possible to find a FTOPS XIX event that suits both your pocketbook and interest.

Hurry to set up a Full Tilt Poker account here so you can be in the next FTOPS XIX event. As a new customer at Full Tilt Poker you can look forward to getting a great sign-up bonus of 100% up to $600, using the Full Tilt Poker bonus code RIDER600. New players to Full Tilt also get a Full Tilt Poker rakeback deal of 27%, which will help to minimize your rake expense.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.

Double your deposit up to $400 at 888poker

888poker will welcome their new customers by doubling their deposits up to $400, for the first deposit to their 888poker account.

Once you have registered as a customer and downloaded their free poker software, you are eligible to receive their unique welcome bonus of 100% up to $400.

 If you as an example deposit $50, you will get $50 from 888poker in pending bonus or insert $200 and get $200 in pending bonus. To gain maximum benefit from the favorable offer, you must make a deposit of $400, and then you get the entire $400 in pending bonus.

Earn bonus and reward points

After you’ve made your deposit, then it is just to get started with playing poker. Whatever kind of poker you want to play, you earn both bonus points and Rewards points, while it is for real money you play. Once you start playing you will see your bonus money start to roll quietly into your 888poker account. As you play and earn bonus points, 888poker automatically put your bonus money into your poker account. Simply earn 100 bonus points and $10 is automatically deducted from your bonus account and transferred to your real money poker account.

8 freerolls to new players

As a new customer you will also gain access to entire 7 free tournaments with each having $500 in prize money, only for new players. Furthermore, you also get access to a huge $1,000 tournament, which of course is free, and only for new players. So there is plenty of value to be gained simply by establishing your self as a customer and make a deposit to 888poker.

Especially for new poker players, who maybe are not so experienced, it will be a great choice to start playing at 888poker. 888poker is known for having the worst poker players online as well and it is therefore not difficult to get started with poker, when you can start playing against the worst poker players.

Get your free 888poker Bonus of 100% up to $400 today.

Claim your 8 free tournaments at 888poker here

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.

Classic Poker MCOP

With a Classic Poker rakeback deal of 30% and a 200% bonus up to €1000 the effective rakeback amounts to 50%. This is a top offer from a well known poker room with one of the best management groups in the industry.

The poker room is for poker players only since no Casino or Sports betting are available. Not offering those opportunities to gamble is dad for some players but very good for the players who have a hard time in regards of clicking the Blackjack side game button.

Create Classic Poker rakeback account here!


A monthly tournament series

MCoP is a tournament series running every month and consist of 8 different tournaments. The entry fee is affordable for most players and with an added €10.000 prize pool split amongst players hitting 2 final tables and an astonishing €40.000 to players finding their way to 3 final tables then the value in this tournament series are significant for all players. It is actually possible to win the extra added money for as little as €9.90 with a little luck. In February 3 players each pocketed €16.667 for ending at 3 final tables which show it is not an impossible task to win big amounts for small entry fees. This of course due to the fact that the tournament fields on Classic Poker are small to moderate depending on the buy-in.

Players tend to flock to the bigger sites to play tournaments and often forget that tournament fields with less players are easier to beat. MCoP Main Event only cost €30+3 and has a guaranteed prize pool of €50.000. This is a must tournament to play for any poker tournament interested player. The next MCoP main event is to be played March 13 and with qualifiers already running there is plenty of time to enter this event cheap or buy in directly on the night of the final.

Read more about MCoP.

Tax free winnings

Residing on Boss Media and with a EU license, Classic Poker are a great place to play for European poker players due to the fact that winnings in most countries are considered tax free winnings. Rakeback earnings and poker bonuses are to be seen upon as tax free too.

The bad news is that Classic poker is not accepting players from the USA nor do they allow Canadians, Italians or French players on their tables. The opposition on the tables is quite moderate and especially their tournament players are worthwhile playing against.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.

Littlewoods Poker Mondays Double Up

Littlewoods Poker are running a promotion for a limited time called Monday Twins – where you can double your premium by participating in their Twin Challenge.

Monday Twins

Every Monday at 19:35 you can participate in two $10,000 guaranteed tournaments running simultaneously. $10,000 Monday Twins Royal Challenge and $10,000 Monday Challenge Flush, as they are known are accessible in the lobby, through tournaments – challenges. All you need to do is deposit $22 for each tournament.

If you cash in at both tournaments on the same day you will receive a little something extra from Littlewoods Poker in terms free access to the following Monday’s challenge. These seats are valued at $44. If you are lucky and skillful enough to arrive at the final table in both tournaments, at Littlewoods Poker Monday Double Up, on the same day then you will receive entry into every Sunday Challenge in the following month. These seats have a whopping value f $320.

2 good resultsis worth a lot

Should you manage to win one of Monday Challenge while you reach final table at the other, on the same day you will receive an extra $1,000 on top of the usual prizes.

I you win one of the Monday Challenges and come 2nd in the other on the same day then you will receive a consolation prize of $2,500, in addition to your winnings.  Finally if you win both Monday Challenges on the same day you will win a massive $10,000 extra on top of the usual cash prizes.

Therefore Littlewoods are offering you a fun and different promotion with 7 different ways to win, by only entering two tournaments.

Because they are two separate tournaments you do not need to play both, but why not try to see if you can win at both tables and add the extra cash prizes to your bank roll???

You can create an account with Littlewoods Poker through and receive a 100% bonus up to £200 and you will receive 25% your welcome bonus immediately which can be used at the poker tables as an instant bankroll.

There is almost no excuse for not playing poker at Littlewoods.

Become a Littlewoods poker player today!

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.