Discover the Delights of the PokerStars Card Room

PokerStars is THE industry leading card room using the most advanced poker software imaginable to host a myriad of games and tournaments online. It has more than 100 million registered players to date with that figure rising all the time due to the incredibly good selection of games and tournaments available in the venue.The software was developed for the launch of PokerStars in 2001 and evolves constantly as technology allows. The extremely smooth and reliable software is maintained exclusively for PokerStars by a team of brilliant specialists that must have an in depth understanding and appreciation of online poker. The graphics featuring at the tables and in the lobbies are absolutely breathtaking making it very pleasurable to log on to the card room every time.

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Newbies Welcome at PokerStars

Playing online poker at PokerStars gives you the sensation that you are only a fine line away from being seated with live opponents in the same room. You can use the live chat to communicate with fellow players and the software on your poker client is so refined as to make playing in the virtual venue more interesting and exciting than playing with the same old group of friends around the dining room table at home!

You will find that you can come to PokerStars as a complete newbie with a lot of potential but no poker knowledge and you can be playing very quickly just by following the excellent tutorials . You will benefit enormously by taking the top quality tutorials put together by the pros at PokerStars featuring instructions that makes everything appear so easy. Even if you consider yourself to be something of an expert poker player, think carefully about ignoring the poker school at pokerStars as you are likely to be throwing away big money making opportunities. The old saying ‘pride comes before a fall’ has some sound foundations and we often see poker players losing their bank rolls rather than learn to play better poker with free advice from the successful professionals.

Learn Your Strategy from Free Tutorials

You can learn about beginner’s poker, how to use the poker software and all about strategy and bank roll management at PokerStars. The most important tips given by the professionals at PokerStars are that players should avoid getting into games which are out of their league as they will end up being drained of all their cash very quickly by more experienced players who are referred to as sharks. Being wiped out by opting for games with high stakes is a common occurrence causing players to feel despondent and frustrated. Such a situation is largely avoidable if you follow the advice that is given freely at PokerStars.

Once you have mastered the beginner’s lessons you can move onto intermediary and advanced poker lessons making yourself into a big time winner.  There is no limit to the number of times that you play through the tutorials and there is nobody looking in to judge you. Make yourself an expert poker player and get out there at PokerStars to thrash the players who prefer to play without honing their skills.

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