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Anybody making that hugely important decision to start playing poker on the internet needs to wade their way through a huge number of poker rooms all trying to attract new members to their venue. Sometimes you get the feeling that you need a pair of waist length fishing wellies to get through the enormous amounts of rubbish being posted out there. Don’t despair of finding an excellent card room that meets your needs as the team at have got it sorted. You simply check out what the team there has to say and choose one of the superb card rooms recommended on the website. The guys have already done the sifting and the leg work so you are presented with a filtered selection of solid card rooms with a proven reputation and good welcome bonuses. The advice and articles doesn’t stop at pointing out great poker room but continue with regular interesting stuff telling you about the latest promotions and live events. You can win seats to very important live poker events by grinding in the satellite qualifiers or simply buying in to the event as you please. Why find out about it from your buddies when it’s all over rather than be there at the start.

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ClassicPoker Has Been Re-invented

Way back in 2008 when the financial crisis hit the world, poker rooms started to disappear from the internet with players just not having the ready cash to pursue their entertainment like before. ClassicPoker was a very popular card room with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying the superb games and tournaments running day and night. Unfortunately it ended up being a casualty of the financial difficulties in poker and closed down as an active poker room. But as with all great things…they can come back to life.

ClassicPoker has since been revived as an advisory web site letting poker players and potential players know where to get the best deals online. To find out where to play poker in a reliable and secure environment, go to ClassicPoker and you won’t need to waste time searching further afield.

Learn To Play Poker at ClassicPoker

Newbies can find out the poker basics at ClassicPoker before going into the more complex rules of the game. It’s always cool to start out with a tasty introduction rather than diving in at the deep end. Poker is a game requiring skill and some mathematical capacity so learn to play in digestible chunks building on each layer of knowledge.

Every card room has the live chat option at the tables letting players make comments and get to know each other. The poker dictionary at ClassicPoker lets you know some of the important poker terms used in the card rooms. It’s quite humiliating to sit at your card game and not understand what the people around you are saying. Asking what stuff means during a game is totally uncool so learn before by reading up at ClassicPoker.

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Massive 200% Bonus for newcomers at Classic Poker

If you are looking to hone your poker skills by playing with like-minded opponents but your bankroll is limited then you need to go to You can download the free Boss Media software from there and try it out on the fun money tables. It is truly exceptional state of the art technology, offering maximum security and playability and you will be playing poker within minutes.

Get up to €1000 startup bonus

You will receive an immediate 200% welcome bonus on your initial deposit up to €1000 but you only need to deposit a minimum of €20 to open your real money account at Classic Poker so don’t be put off if the finances are a bit tight. You can even participate in a €1000 freeroll on Saturdays without making a deposit.

Of course the more you can deposit the first time round the greater the boost to your bankroll because the bonus will be kept in a pending account and you will convert it to hard cash as you accumulate frequent player points by playing in any cash games and tournaments you like over 60 days. Every time that you get 200 FPPs together you will find €10 have been dropped into your account…how cool is that?

Players also automatically receive 30% rakeback when joining Classic Poker

Plenty of traffic in the poker room

Classic Poker is now a member of the International Poker Network which means there is plenty of traffic and a huge variety of games to choose from day or night. You will never be bored or frustrated at Classic Poker because the tables fill up fast with players who have a passion for poker in its purest form. Classic Poker is not affiliated to any casinos or sports betting sites so you won’t have to resist spending your money on sport betting or on casino games. It’s fun to win the chips off the players who take atrocious risks but after a while you really want to play quality poker if you are serious about the game.

Personalized customer support

Classic Poker is unique in that it offers  highly personalized customer support 24 hours a day through live chat and e-mail from a professional team who have years of playing experience and actually take the time to discuss the tiniest problems raised by concerned customers. You won’t find a service like this easily so open your account now at Classic boost your bankroll with that fantastic 200% welcome bonus and get playing.

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Double your deposit up to $400 at 888poker

888poker will welcome their new customers by doubling their deposits up to $400, for the first deposit to their 888poker account.

Once you have registered as a customer and downloaded their free poker software, you are eligible to receive their unique welcome bonus of 100% up to $400.

 If you as an example deposit $50, you will get $50 from 888poker in pending bonus or insert $200 and get $200 in pending bonus. To gain maximum benefit from the favorable offer, you must make a deposit of $400, and then you get the entire $400 in pending bonus.

Earn bonus and reward points

After you’ve made your deposit, then it is just to get started with playing poker. Whatever kind of poker you want to play, you earn both bonus points and Rewards points, while it is for real money you play. Once you start playing you will see your bonus money start to roll quietly into your 888poker account. As you play and earn bonus points, 888poker automatically put your bonus money into your poker account. Simply earn 100 bonus points and $10 is automatically deducted from your bonus account and transferred to your real money poker account.

8 freerolls to new players

As a new customer you will also gain access to entire 7 free tournaments with each having $500 in prize money, only for new players. Furthermore, you also get access to a huge $1,000 tournament, which of course is free, and only for new players. So there is plenty of value to be gained simply by establishing your self as a customer and make a deposit to 888poker.

Especially for new poker players, who maybe are not so experienced, it will be a great choice to start playing at 888poker. 888poker is known for having the worst poker players online as well and it is therefore not difficult to get started with poker, when you can start playing against the worst poker players.

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