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Welcome to the site! This page aims to tell you a little about who we are, what we can do for you, and what you will find on our site.

We strive to provide you with unbiased reviews, all the latest headlines from the iGaming world – particularly that which pertains to poker – and a selection of the best bonuses you could possibly find online. In owing this, we seek to save you time, while keeping you entertained. Given that we only work with trusted partners, it will come as no surprise to you that we are keen advocates of responsible gaming.

At Texas Hold’Em Rakeback you will find a selection of the best poker rakeback offers delivered to you by the biggest brands in the poker industry. Our selection of partners is carefully considered and is determined by many facts. Most important is the integrity of our partners, their ability to deliver a decent customer service and the security they provide for players.

The Team

You would be hard pressed to find a finer group of professionals than we have assembled here for you. Consisting of industry experts, casino aficionados, writers, tipsters, and poker players, our team knows its business inside out. You might say we have a royal flush of a team whose express purpose is to locate unbeatable promotions, to bring you the latest news, and to give you honest,useful reviews, and opinions, about the sites that we love.

Saving you Time

Any internet user knows that sorting the wheat from the chaff online can be a hit and miss affair. Our team have done the legwork, researched the pros and cons, understood how each site we review works for you, and written you a detailed review. This is only possible due to the amount of independent professionals we have working for you – and don’t forget these guys have themselves spent years accumulating this knowledge, they know what is a waste of your time, and when they have found you something extra special. This leaves you more time to do what you intended to do in the first place – have fun!

We Only Work with Brands

We simply refuse to work with small poker rooms even they might want to give 1 or 2 percentages more in rakeback. The risk has shown too big over the years and when you have nothing else to offer than rakeback then you are not really a poker room that deserves to be promoted in our point of view. A poker room needs new blood all the time and only big brands actually achieve to grow these days. At the same time they have track records of doing great support and on offer are even more promotions.

Rake back consist of many things. To just look at the percentage given is a big blunder and a trap many players fall into. Big promotions, no deposit fees, security for player balances and many other things are benefits beyond the rakeback percentage. Benefits that matters in the long run!

Indirect Rakeback

Today it is even so that a large part of the poker rooms does not offer direct rakeback deals, but instead have chosen to reward players indirectly through loyalty programs and poker bonus systems. Rakeback is just another word for the retention given to players and it should not be over emphasized when looking at where is the best place to play poker.

The best place to play is simply where the worst opposition is. For US players there is not a lot of opportunities to chose from at this point of time. US players either have to accept the indirect PokerStars Rakeback, 27% Full Tilt Poker, 30% Absolute Poker/UB Poker rakeback or 35% Overbet rakeback deals. Those are the only real choices but for other nations there are far better possibilities to find a room with a large player pool of mediocre players and great poker rakeback deals.

Our recommendations of poker rooms also include these rooms where we believe you will find the worst possible opposition at the tables. Those poker rooms will eventually proof to be the place where your poker income will be the biggest. Poker bonus plus poker winnings can very often be greater than poker rakeback plus poker winnings when compared.

Rakeback is great but in today’s poker landscape it is certainly not the only parameter that matters.

Who is This Site For?

Are you an experienced gamer? This site is for you. If you seek news of new casinos, new offers, or new games, then we are your portal of choice.

Are you an absolute beginner? This site is for you. If you want to save years of trial and error, if you want to learn from the best, if you want to get ahead of the crowd, then you have come to the right place.

Why Us?

Well, apart from the remarkable team working behind the scenes, we have spent years building a solid reputation, building exceptional relationships with the preeminent operators and casinos in Europe. We can bring you promotions, and offers, from wide range of excellent, highly reputable providers.

Does all this cost anything?

No. In fact, the site is founded on the principle that you will never pay to access this information, or to benefit from all the offers, bonuses and promotions that we have found for you. We make money from advertising, and from affiliate links to the sites of carefully chosen partners. Due to the diverse range of respected casinos that we recommend, you can be assured that our recommendations remain independent, honest and objective. In short, we would not recommend a casino, or site, that we ourselves would not use.

Remember To Play Responsibly!

Moderation is the key to keeping your gaming an entertaining experience, why not head over to our responsible gaming page now for some tips?