A Brief History Of Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a popular card which is today considered by many to be the main poker game around. It’s enjoyed in casinos, bars and friends’ houses thanks to its easy setup and fun gameplay.

It might surprise some to learn that not too long ago, this game was barely even known, let alone played. Here’s a brief history of Texas Hold’em.

The Birth

Although no one really knows the exact place and date that this game was invented, many agree that was created in Robstown, Texas in the early 1900s. At the time, the game was simply known as Hold’em. Mystery also surrounds the first players of this game, probably because no one really thought it would become popular beyond the Southern State.

Welcome to Vegas

The history of Texas Hold’em gets a lot clearer in 1967, when a couple of gamblers from the game’s birth State introduced it to casinos in Las Vegas. At first, only The Golden Nugget casino accepted to offer this game to gamblers, however, due to the casino’s sleazy reputation not many important players were exposed to the game.

Things improved when two years later the first Hold’em tournament was organized at The Dune casino. Thanks to this casino’s great reputation and location, right on the Vegas strip, the game became a lot more popular. Several high rollers even succeeded to bag lucrative wins, which began cementing the game at a staple of Vegas.

World Series of Poker

Whilst the first edition of the tournament wasn’t a game of Texas Hold’em, all subsequent editions, as of 1971, were no-limit Hold’em games. As the event grew in popularity, so did this relatively new and exciting card game. Due to the game’s need for strategy and ability, it quickly became dubbed the “Thinking man’s game”.

The Biggest Game in Town

As Texas Hold’em gained a stronger following, its popularity spread beyond Vegas and the US. Players started exporting the game to their homelands in Europe, South America, and Australia, organizing several national tournaments.

Seeing an interest in the game, several authors penned books about it. In 1978, for example, the book Super System by Doyle Brunson focused on numerous strategies for the game. This was soon followed by Al Alvarez’s The Biggest Game In Town, which spoke about the 1981 World Series of Poker.

The New Millennium

At the turn of the new Millennium, attention on Texas Hold’em only grew stronger. Tournaments began to be televised and with the dawn of the Internet, players could get unprecedented access to the action.

It certainly helped matters when winners managed to bag amazing prizes, which created a strong media interest. During this period, Texas Hold’em became the US’ most played card game, replacing Seven Card Stud.

Today, Texas Hold’em is available in virtually all land-based casinos as well as all online casinos. It remains one of the most popular card games around the world and as more and more competitions are organized, it will most likely maintain its fame for decades to come.

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2017-2018 rankings

For professional poker players, winning a tournament is just part of the game. They also seek to be recognized as one of the best. For this reason, the Poker Ranking Authority created the Global Poker Index which ranks the best poker rankings of players every year. The most important factor which affects the ranking of each player is the value of the prizes won within a year.

Rankings 2017

In 2017, 3 American, 3 German, 2 Spanish, 1 British and 1 Canadian players topped the player of the year rankings. The top position was taken by Spanish Adrian Mateos. American Bryn Kenney and British Stephen Chidwick took second and third place respectively. 23-year-old Mateos has won, to date, almost $14m.

Rankings 2018

In 2018 many more Americans took their position in the top 10 ranks. None of these six, however, took first or second place. British Stephen Chidwick topped the rankings with the runner-up, German Rainer Kempe. Similarly to Mateos, Chadwick has won just over $14m in prizes so far.

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Discover the Delights of the PokerStars Card Room

PokerStars is THE industry leading card room using the most advanced poker software imaginable to host a myriad of games and tournaments online. It has more than 100 million registered players to date with that figure rising all the time due to the incredibly good selection of games and tournaments available in the venue.The software was developed for the launch of PokerStars in 2001 and evolves constantly as technology allows. The extremely smooth and reliable software is maintained exclusively for PokerStars by a team of brilliant specialists that must have an in depth understanding and appreciation of online poker. The graphics featuring at the tables and in the lobbies are absolutely breathtaking making it very pleasurable to log on to the card room every time.

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Newbies Welcome at PokerStars

Playing online poker at PokerStars gives you the sensation that you are only a fine line away from being seated with live opponents in the same room. You can use the live chat to communicate with fellow players and the software on your poker client is so refined as to make playing in the virtual venue more interesting and exciting than playing with the same old group of friends around the dining room table at home!

You will find that you can come to PokerStars as a complete newbie with a lot of potential but no poker knowledge and you can be playing very quickly just by following the excellent tutorials . You will benefit enormously by taking the top quality tutorials put together by the pros at PokerStars featuring instructions that makes everything appear so easy. Even if you consider yourself to be something of an expert poker player, think carefully about ignoring the poker school at pokerStars as you are likely to be throwing away big money making opportunities. The old saying ‘pride comes before a fall’ has some sound foundations and we often see poker players losing their bank rolls rather than learn to play better poker with free advice from the successful professionals.

Learn Your Strategy from Free Tutorials

You can learn about beginner’s poker, how to use the poker software and all about strategy and bank roll management at PokerStars. The most important tips given by the professionals at PokerStars are that players should avoid getting into games which are out of their league as they will end up being drained of all their cash very quickly by more experienced players who are referred to as sharks. Being wiped out by opting for games with high stakes is a common occurrence causing players to feel despondent and frustrated. Such a situation is largely avoidable if you follow the advice that is given freely at PokerStars.

Once you have mastered the beginner’s lessons you can move onto intermediary and advanced poker lessons making yourself into a big time winner.  There is no limit to the number of times that you play through the tutorials and there is nobody looking in to judge you. Make yourself an expert poker player and get out there at PokerStars to thrash the players who prefer to play without honing their skills.

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Find Best Poker Bonuses at ClassicPoker

classicpoker newest image july 2016

Anybody making that hugely important decision to start playing poker on the internet needs to wade their way through a huge number of poker rooms all trying to attract new members to their venue. Sometimes you get the feeling that you need a pair of waist length fishing wellies to get through the enormous amounts of rubbish being posted out there. Don’t despair of finding an excellent card room that meets your needs as the team at ClassicPoker.com have got it sorted. You simply check out what the team there has to say and choose one of the superb card rooms recommended on the website. The guys have already done the sifting and the leg work so you are presented with a filtered selection of solid card rooms with a proven reputation and good welcome bonuses. The advice and articles doesn’t stop at pointing out great poker room but continue with regular interesting stuff telling you about the latest promotions and live events. You can win seats to very important live poker events by grinding in the satellite qualifiers or simply buying in to the event as you please. Why find out about it from your buddies when it’s all over rather than be there at the start.

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ClassicPoker Has Been Re-invented

Way back in 2008 when the financial crisis hit the world, poker rooms started to disappear from the internet with players just not having the ready cash to pursue their entertainment like before. ClassicPoker was a very popular card room with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying the superb games and tournaments running day and night. Unfortunately it ended up being a casualty of the financial difficulties in poker and closed down as an active poker room. But as with all great things…they can come back to life.

ClassicPoker has since been revived as an advisory web site letting poker players and potential players know where to get the best deals online. To find out where to play poker in a reliable and secure environment, go to ClassicPoker and you won’t need to waste time searching further afield.

Learn To Play Poker at ClassicPoker

Newbies can find out the poker basics at ClassicPoker before going into the more complex rules of the game. It’s always cool to start out with a tasty introduction rather than diving in at the deep end. Poker is a game requiring skill and some mathematical capacity so learn to play in digestible chunks building on each layer of knowledge.

Every card room has the live chat option at the tables letting players make comments and get to know each other. The poker dictionary at ClassicPoker lets you know some of the important poker terms used in the card rooms. It’s quite humiliating to sit at your card game and not understand what the people around you are saying. Asking what stuff means during a game is totally uncool so learn before by reading up at ClassicPoker.

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Play Mobile Poker in Style at PokerStars

pokerstars-online-pokerThe PokerStars card room has advanced in an unprecedented manner to an unbeatable position in the world of online poker since it was launched in the year 2000. It is currently celebrating the enrolment of 100 million members in its vast community of registered players and attracts new players every day with its innovative software and amazing poker offerings. Register a new account today using the  link below and remember to use the bonuscode PSP7824 to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $600.

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The industry leading poker software is available to customers for free and is constantly being upgraded and tweaked to keep it way ahead of other competing poker rooms on the internet. The software is designed exclusive for PokerStars ensuring that the ‘trade secrets’ are not shared with other card rooms. The software offers customers unimaginable benefits and features which sets PokerStars apart in a very distinctive way. The graphics are clear and colourful, the format of the poker tables and the poker lobby is flexible and can be customized by individual players to suit tastes and moods at a certain moment in time. It is up to each player to select the colour scheme and the way the tables will appear on the screen and since a couple of years players can customize the mobile apps too. Players are invited to create Avatars representing them at the tables and to enjoy the various graphic options offered for free.

Functional and Safe Mobile Apps

PokerStars has developed online mobile apps for all types of internet enabled devices powered by Android and by Apple so you can enjoy poker play in cash ring games and in diverse tournaments at any time you want from any location. The apps are not simply a smaller version of the standard PC format but have been optimized to make them fully functional and clear to view when playing poker on mobile devices. Players can see the important features at the tables clearly and play in comfort from their mobile phones and tablets just as they would do on a PC with a large screen.

 Deposit Funds to Your Mobile Device on the Move

Players can deposit funds to their PokerStars accounts whilst playing on their mobile devices in complete security so there is never a moment when they are blocked from advancing at the tables because they forgot to put money on their accounts before leaving home. Everything at PokerStars is about customer convenience and satisfaction so you can rest assure that your interests are always cared for very well. The customer support team is polite and friendly and can be contacted at any time by email. The service is offered in a huge number of different languages making PokerStars the ideal card room to choose for everybody in the world who loves poker.

Even if new customers don’t have much idea about poker rules there is an excellent online poker school on the website available for free. Players can follow the superb tutorials  as often as they please to become expert poker players.

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Exceptional Advantages For Players at William Hill Casino

With a huge range of online casinos to choose from, players can be forgiven for getting confused and frustrated about where they should wager their hard earned money. It’s really important that players can readily discover where to get the most added-value from their online gaming entertainment. William Hill Casino is a perfect choice for picky customers as it is part of the William Hill Group of companies boasting an impeccable reputation for quality and integrity.

William Hill Casino is constantly upgrading the ‘look’ of the online venue, adding great new features reflecting the latest technological advances in online gambling. The magnificent venue is in keeping with the expectations of players who want only the very best entertainment for their precious leisure hours. The PlayTech software powering William Hill Casino is the latest version, meaning that the games graphics and sound effects are state of the art and very impressive. Blackjack is offered in a big range of game variants at William Hill Casino making it a huge favourite with the players.

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Stunning Graphics and Sound Effects

When you enter the William Hill Casino virtual venue you step into a stunning world of online entertainment that exceeds anything that you can imagine, with crisp clear colors and a functionality allowing you to relax in an exceptionally user friendly environment. You are able to try out all games in fun mode in order to build confidence and a complete understanding of the way they work before you wager real cash.

The more you understand a game, the greater your chances of making that life changing win so it’s definitely worth spending some time checking out the options before you begin playing in earnest with real money. William Hill Casino offers an award winning customer service throughout the day, all year long so any queries are handled rapidly by telephone, live chat or e-mail from a team of polite, courteous professionals in a huge range of languages.

William Hill Casino offers players the added benefit of a mobile casino venue which is free to download and enjoys the same level of security and user friendly features as the standard service to your desktop. There are fewer games to choose from whilst you are on the move but there is still a great selection, very adequate for most players mobile entertainment requirements. Register a new account today at William Hill Casino through our link below to be sure of getting your incredibly generous sign up bonus that can reach the amazing sum of £2,200 over the first 12 months of play.

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Why Live Streaming?

For years, sports betting enthusiasts have had to accept the ‘status quo’ of watching a limited number of high profile matches on TV at home or at the local sports bar with friends. Technological limitations meant that sports fans had absolutely no choice in the matter and were grateful for the few matches that they could watch now and again on a Saturday night and often after the event was over.

In 2012, the most innovative online bookmakers took advantage of the introduction of high speed processors on PCs and mobile devices coupled with high speed Broadband to offer limited Live streaming of sporting events for free to their registered customers.

The service has grown rapidly with improved digital technology making live streaming a preferred viewing option for everyone with an online sports betting account with a reputable and innovative bookmaker such as the ones you’ll find at Sportbonus.net.


Up to 1,000 Live Streamed Events each Week

Live streaming on sports betting platforms has resolved the ‘eternal’ headache suffered by sports fans of not being able to watch ALL types of sporting events unfold live due to ZERO TV coverage. Some high profile events are shown on ‘Pay TV’ but it is a costly service and customers must be at home in front of their TV sets to enjoy the events.

Niche Sports such as hockey or baseball are rarely shown, if at all, so why not set up an account with one of our partnered ‘bookies’ and select what you want to watch from as many as 1,000 live streamed events every week which is what Betfair are offering to their customers for free! Wagering on the event that you are watching is not a pre-requisite of free viewing and it is always free as long as you have some money in your account or have placed a tiny bet of £1 in the 24 hours leading to the event being shown.

That can hardly be considered as ‘payment’ for a brilliant service which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with your chosen bookmaker’s mobile app which is always free to download.


Live Streaming on Mobile

You don’t need to rush home to watch the live streamed events offered by your chosen bookie on a PC because it’s all available on your mobile phone or tablet when you download the secure FREE mobile app that suits the operating system on your device. The quality is outstanding with optimized audio-visuals designed especially for mobile delivery so the presentation doesn’t look ‘squashed’ or contorted on your screen.


Live Betting In Play

You will see a bet slip next to the live streamed event if the ‘Live Betting’ feature during the event is being offered by your chosen bookmaker so you don’t need to exit the action in order to place your bets live during play. There are many more markets offered during play than for pre-match betting, giving sport betting enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to make money.

Couple that up with the ‘Cash out’ feature offered by most of our recommended bookies and you have the recipe for a new kind of immersive sports betting that will ‘blow your mind’ and more than likely boost your sport betting account like never before.

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William Hill rewards casino side games players with free poker tourneys

Play casino ‘Side Games’ at William Hill Poker as part of the new ‘Side Games Mania’ promo and get a free token to the €500 weekly poker freeroll every Sunday Evening.

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It’s hard to find a more straightforward promotional offer than the new ‘Side Games Mania’ promotion at William Hill Poker. Players who love a bit of casino gaming in between poker play whether it’s at the cash tables or multi-table tournaments can now OPT IN to the Side Games Mania promo and get a token for absolutely free every week to play in a €500 freeroll tournament every Sunday evening in the WH Poker room. The token will appear in your account on the Sunday before 10.30 am UK time when registration begins ready for the 6.30pm UK time start of the tournament. Make sure you get your name down on the list of players every week by going to the William Hill Poker Lobby and clicking on ‘Hill’s Choice – Special Offers’.


How to Get Hold of Your Free Poker Tournament Token

To get your gratis token to the Side Games Mania Freeroll you simply need to spin or play 50 games on 4 separate days of the week from Sunday to Sunday. There are no restrictions on the kind of casino games you choose to play, so whether you love Blackjack, the number one casino game in the world, Roulette which comes in a close second or you get your ‘kicks’ from the adrenalin rush that comes from spinning the reels on the very latest video slots with totally realistic graphics and sound effects, you still qualify for the token. Of course there is absolutely no rule against you playing your preferred Casino side games every day of the week with the 4 days set down as the minimum necessary to comply with the promotional conditions.


Casino Side Games Now Earn Side Games Points

All WH Poker players are entitled to join the ‘Players Club’ on registering a new account and now those players who play Casino Side Games can opt to become members of the special ‘Side Games Club’ where they earn Side Games Points for all money wagered on Side Games played directly from the poker lobby. Earn 1 point for every £10 wagered on any game in the suite and exchange the points for hard cash at the rate of 100 points for £1 in the poker lobby under the ‘Side Games Club tab’. You can track the number of points that you have accumulated and the number of points converted to cash in the same place so staying informed is just a click away.

Join the William Hill Poker room now and get a New Depositor’s Gift Bag which includes a First Deposit Bonus up to £1,200 as well as a £10 Casino Bonus and a ‘Gifts Palooza Freeroll Entry’ where there are valuable electronic games consoles as prizes for tournament winners.


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Play the Cubis Slot Machine at 888Casino

888Casino -LogoFor a slot game experience that is totally unique try out the 3D Cubis slot designed by one of the most exciting game designer’s in the industry, Cryptologic. It is available at 888Casino and is a cubic format game without any reels and 15 paylines. You can wager as little as 0.05 on each of the paylines and the wins can amount to a staggering 50,000 coins. The ‘mother’ cube is set in an underwater environment surrounded by rock barnacles and bubbling sea creatures making it very interesting and the game challenges the player to get as many high value cubes stacked in the various winning combinations that lead to incredible payouts.

The small cubes that are the building blocks of the Cubis are in different colours with varying cash values attributed to them with the diamond cubes having the greatest value. 10 diamond cubes give the player a win of 4000 in the overall winning calculations with the lowest colour Yellow contributing just 500 when you get 10 in the Cubis format. The Wild Dice is a very exciting element that can appear in multiple positions and increase your winnings by multiplying the winning combinations by the number on the dice.

Friendly Bomb Blasts

Whenever the player hits on a winning combination a bomb blast goes off destroying various cubes and making space for new cubes to be placed into the Cubis structure giving the player a chance at getting a new winning combination. The bombs range from the line bomb which does the least ‘damage’ to the nuclear bomb that results in all 75 cubes disappearing and being replaced by a totally new set of cubes and a brand new chance to win big. Register a new account today at 888Casino using our link below and you will be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $1,400.


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Enjoy the Marvelous Gaming Environment at Betfred Casino

Betfred Casino has a constantly changing selection of marvelous games powered by the world famous Playtech Corporation that has been creating the most innovative games for the industry since the 1990’s. Betfred Casino has a very stimulating home page that cannot fail to impress the customers who come looking for thrilling excitement on the most lucrative games around.

The vibrant rainbow colors are set against the ocean blue background with animated graphics demonstrating just some of the games available to play on in the download casino as well as the instant version. Whatever your personal tastes in gaming you will always find plenty to get you immersed in this stunning online venue that has so much to offer not only by way of a fabulous games suite but masses of ongoing promotions that inject a lot of added value as well as thrills to your online entertainment.

Choose to Download or Just Use Your Browser

You can download the software to your computer in total security for absolutely free or you can opt to play on the instant version where you are operating from your browser. The selection of games is a bit reduced from the 200 games available on the download version but it is still very varied and covers all types of games you would expect to find in a good casino.

Customers are offered a very large number of deposit and withdrawal options which are protected by the most advanced encrypted technology available for finance today. The Betfred Brand in general has a fantastic reputation for integrity and you can be sure that your entertainment will be relaxed and comfortable as you sit at home enjoying everything that the venue has to offer. Register a new account today with Betfred Casino using our link below and you will be thrilled to get a welcome bonus of up to £500.

The Bonus King also have a casino. Join now!


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